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Blue Faces store is a company that manufactures and distributes 100% Mountain water (still) natural electrolytes and alkaline included. We use only pure single-sourced spring water. It comes from a Federally protected spring in the rainiest county in the US. Blue Faces Water Company bottles in aluminum. That means it's infinitely recyclable, and recycled most often about 70% more than its plastic equivalent. Our mission is to reduce single-use plastic water bottles. The bottled water industry is a major contributor to the global plastic waste problem, with millions of plastic bottles being produced and discarded each day. Plastic bottles from the beverage industry, including bottled water, make up a significant portion of the plastic waste found in oceans, landfills, and the environment.


We pride ourselves on what really resonates with consumers. Creating a sense of self-worthiness and being eco-friendly conscious. Embodied through our products. Purchasing Blue Faces mountain water is an act of investing in yourself knowing that your health is the real wealth. Recycling infinitely recyclable aluminum cans reduces environmental impact, closed recycling loop meaning it can be recycled without losing quality. Energy savings, resource conservation, reduced landfill waste, preservation of beverage quality, and brand visibility. Aluminum is about 1300 times more thermally conductive than plastic. That means your water gets cold, much faster. Water is also the #1 beverage consumed on this earth. We would certainly hope that you reconsider the way we could positively impact the world together. 


Drink rich, become rich- Health is wealth.


For more water quality and information contact: or visit

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