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What's the best time to order the cleanse from your website to fit into my ideal timing/plans?

Does it really matter what order I drink the juices?

Will I be hungry on the program?

What if I want to do a cleanse that is longer than 3 days?

Do I need to do any preparation before the program?

Are there any side effects to the Blue Faces Cleanse program?

Can I do the cleanse program if I am pregnant and nursing?

​Is it okay to workout while doing a juice cleanse?

​How will I feel during the cleanse?

Is a one day juice cleanse beneficial?

What do you recommend eating after the cleanse ends?

​Is the cleanse vegan?

​How often should I do a cleanse program?

​Will I lose weight on the cleanse?

​What is your cancellation & return/refund policy for a Juice Cleanse? 

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